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Janis Spindel Americas Top Matchmaker Breaks Records

August 31, 2015

America’s top matchmaker Janis Spindel raises the bar in the luxury matchmaking industry. Her daughter Carly has just finished writing the first ever comprehensive office training procedures manual for matchmakers who want to enter and work with the mother-daughter team.

This office procedures manual will show those, that have what it takes, to start and manage a $13 million dollar a year luxury matchmaking agency. This new book will only be available to those matchmakers that are approved and pay a $5,000 training fee. During the six months of fieldwork under the tutelage of both Janis and Carly, all revenue will be put aside to satisfy the $50,000 buy-in that each matchmaker must satisfy before they are considered eligible for revenue sharing in their respective territories.

For those that are genuinely interested, have the resources, can pass our qualifications, may call Carly at 212-987-1582.

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