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Matchmaking Lottery by Julia Bekker

January 17, 2016

Matchmaking Lottery

America’s top matchmaking mother daughter team of Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel breaks out a new middle ground matchmaking company.

“The logic is dating apps are without the touch of humans and mostly promote digital interactions,” says Janis.

Luxury brand matchmaking by Janis Spindel caters to the discriminating gentlemen who seek the utmost in results. Carly’s matchmaking service is exactly half the price of her mother for the same women that Janis introduces to her clients. Janis oversees all matches by Carly.

“This new middle ground matchmaking lottery company was born out of many years in the making,” says Carly Spindel.

“We have spoken with online dating consultants and have come to the conclusion the market has a void and Julia Bekker, who Janis trusts explicitly, will fill it with this new $12,000 matchmaking lottery service. Julia worked for Janis for almost 8 years. “We are using the technology, proprietary systems, Internet muscle and brand while making it difficult and costly to join, to help grow this new middle ground matchmaking lottery service,” cites the COO of Jssm.

“My $12,000 matchmaking lottery service will use components of the dating app world, by offering my clients the ease of screen sharing with women that I personally met with to introduce.”
Julia proudly shares this, as she adds in the human element of matchmaking for those that won the weeks lottery.

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